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Social Media/Web 2.0

Word of mouth. The most powerful selling tool.

In this fast paced world of information overload most people don't care about an ad. They care about what their friends think. Peer recommendation is the most trusted channel of communication regarding services and products. According to Neilsen's Trust in Advertising report 9 out of 10 respondents trusted their peer's opinions. Social Media and Web 2.0 have migrated a portion of that conversation online for all to see. This double edged sword provides top of mind awareness for your company and/or product ranging from accolades to criticism. This online social interaction WILL affect your business.

You need a strategy to monitor, respond and join the web 2.0 world in a way that will support your company's positive image. Should you tweet? Do you want fans or friends? Do you really need a blog? Let us help clarify concepts and ideas to help you concentrate your efforts where it will benefit you specific type of business the most.


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