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Digital Design

Digital design goes beyond one way communication, which is typically found in print and other traditional media. Digital design opens up the "conversation" of an immediate two-way communication stream. Digital design can adapt and deliver content based on the end user's responses. Simply put, strong digital design is the key to taking full advantage of this interactivity. At Porphyrian we understand this.

We specialize in Website, Interface and Online Advertising Design. Whether your business needs a relevant and current website design, an interface for an application (such as an iphone app or game) or an ad built to specifications, we can actualize it.

Custom Digital Design vs. Templates

There are many business tools on the web developed to help small business owners establish a web presence and set them apart from their competitors. These services often include design templates. The purpose of the template is to provide a readily available design and structure for a variety of sites. There are two problems with using these templates. The first is that everyone else using the chosen business tool will also be given the same templates to choose from, thus limiting just how "set apart" the site really is. The second problem, with using a template, is that the available designs are meant to be flexible. This flexibility hinders the site's ability to present a business's specific assets.

We strive to provide our customers with design which:

  • Supports brand awareness
  • Conveys their unique qualities
  • Provides site visitors with positive user experiences
  • Promotes brand loyalty
  • Accommodates future growth
  • Features business appropriate third party scripts (Social media integration, video, mapping capabilities, etc.)
  • Lends itself to robust backend programming opportunities (database, content management system and Flash/Flex/Silverlight integration)

To view our extensive web programming and development capabilities, please visit our programming information.


Although it has been repeatedly said "print is dead", one only needs to look around to see that isn't quite true. Yes, billboards are going digital and newspapers and magazines have online versions. However, these forms of media continue to maintain their print operations.

While we focus our operations in the digital world we recognize the continued place print has in our lives and offer design services for the following areas:

  • Advertising Design (Ads developed to specifications, based on your target publication's needs)
  • Package Design
  • Identities/Logos
  • Magazine layout and design
  • Book and Book Cover design
  • Outdoor (traditional & digital)
  • Marketing Materials - Brochures, Rack Cards, Flyers, Post Cards, Posters, Folders and Presentation Packages
  • Catalog layout and design
  • Stationery Packages and Business Cards
  • Trade Show/Exhibitions (we recommend incorporating digital elements along with the printed graphics)

We can design and manage the job from conception to print, delivering the final product to you. Or, we can work with your printer to obtain optimum quality and results for your print project.


With the increased availability of affordable high-speed internet access, the demand for high quality online video is growing rapidly. This demand is not limited to sites like YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, or Ustream. From product overviews and reviews to "How To" videos, Porphyrian recommends the inclusion of video in sites to help draw new visitors and strengthen loyalty of existing visitors.

At Porphyrian we can edit most existing digital video content, prepare it for web delivery and integrate it into target methods of delivery. Or, if you need to talk to us about storyboarding and scheduling a shoot, to put your product or content into motion, contact us.