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Why Porphyrian?

At Porphyrian it's not just our name that makes us different! Having had the experience of working in larger firms we developed an appreciation for simplicity and the 80-20 rule. Our motto is "Lean and Mean".

We are small in size but big on experience and talent. We take pride in putting our technical skills, artistic and creative capabilities up against some of the largest firms in the state.

Our size can be your advantage. As a client you will be working directly with your developers. The information you convey goes straight to the team working on your project. No outsourcing here. Also, overhead costs are low and that savings is passed on to our clients. Our rate sheet is generally less than half the cost of most larger agencies. You will get more for your money at Porphyrian.

How do you say Porphyrian and how did you get that name?


The development of the Porphyrian Tree, by the Neoplatonist Porphyry in the 3rd Century AD, was the first depiction of a graphical method of logic. Since then trees have been employed in defining logical hierarchies and categories. In modern times trees have come to play a fundamental role in mapping the thought processes behind the development of computer applications.

Here at Porphyrian we strive to combine a classical vision of critical thinking and the graphic arts into every project we develop. Our mark, which includes our hand drawn interpretation of a Porphyrian Tree, truly conveys the spirit of our objective.

Our Founders

Shanah Morrison Sanders

Shanah has been a lifelong artist and technophile. She began developing digital graphics at an early age when her family purchased a TRS-80 computer in the late 1970's. Being ever driven to explore new technologies she was an early adopter of the internet and has been designing and programming websites since the early 1990's.

After obtaining her Master of Arts degree Shanah taught drawing and digital design as well as traditional painting and commercial illustration at the college level. While teaching Shanah was recruited by Teledyne-Brown Engineering and later worked for their spin-off interactive company SIGMAinteractive as a multimedia designer and developer. It was during this time that Shanah was selected to be a regional instructor for Adobe's (formerly Macromedia) Flash and Dreamweaver. Also, she was honored by having her interface design work featured on Adobe product packaging and promotional materials.

During her years away from Central Louisiana Shanah gained the invaluable experience of designing print materials, designing and programming interactive titles and web sites, participating in numerous translations and developing 2D/3D animations as well as voice over, sound and video editing for CD-ROM, web delivery and television commercials. Shanah worked with a variety of clients and industries including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, SAAB, Acura, Tennant Company, U.S. Space and Missile Defense and NASA.

Having answered the call to come back home to Alexandria, Shanah took a position with KJA Communications Group where she continued her career in design and web development by serving as their Director for Interactive, Multimedia and Web Services. Her client list at KJA included Southern Farm Bureau, several municipalities (Cities of Alexandria, Woodworth and Natchitoches), government organizations (Red River Waterway Commission, Avoyelles Parish, RRABB), transportation providers (Alexandria International Airport, Ports of Alexandria and Natchitoches) along with numerous local industries and small businesses.

Shanah now brings the culmination of all these experiences to Porphyrian where she blends knowledge, art and logic to deliver complete design, web and multimedia solutions.

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Kevin Humbles

While in college to study Architecture in the early 1990's, Kevin was first introduced to Computer Science. During this time he developed a deep fascination with the intricacies of computer programming. Kevin's first work with the internet came shortly after his exposure to programming, by helping the education department establish a web presence. It was this project that provided Kevin with a good look into the early workings of the World Wide Web and he was eager to learn and explore more.

In 1996 Kevin joined the U.S. Army as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. Soon after arriving at his duty station he became the assistant webmaster for his office’s internal government website in addition to his duties as an analyst. Not long after becoming the office’s head webmaster he began adding interactivity to the site using JavaScript and Java Applets, improving the sites ability to provide site visitors with the information relevant to the office’s mission.

Following the completion of Kevin’s active duty enlistment in 2000, he returned to Central Louisiana and began working as a freelance developer. As a result of his work on the initial website for the local business Abigail’s he began doing contract work for KJA Communications Group in mid 2001 and in August of that year accepted a full-time position. During his time at KJA Kevin developed data driven web solutions for various clients including The City of Alexandria, Red River Waterway Commission, The Alexandria/Pineville Conventions and Visitors Bureau, The Diocese of Alexandria, Farm Bureau Bank, and Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company.

Kevin’s primary client for most of his time at KJA was Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company (SFB). Not long after joining KJA’s team he was tasked with bringing the SFB’s Advertising Toolkit, previously provided to agents on CD, to the web. The toolkit provided SFB agents with company authorized advertising material for print, billboard, direct mail, TV, and radio. After completing the initial toolkit website in early 2002, Kevin took the project one step further by developing a process to deliver print and direct mail material to the agent complete with their photos and contact information. This dynamic ad generation helped agents achieve a faster time to print having removed the need to send images, information and instructions to their publisher. At the project’s peek it served agents in eleven states across the south from Virginia to Texas and later included Colorado. Each state usually having at least one agent in each county/parish, all of whom had access to the Advertising Toolkit.

At Porphyrian Kevin’s experience continues to drive new ideas designed to help clients get the most out of their website investment.

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