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Generally the first thing noticed by an end user, about a website or application, is the front end or the "look and feel" of the interface. However programming, which runs behind the scenes, is what drives all the interaction and can define the level of quality experienced by the end user. The functionality, that good programming provides, allows end users to readily interact with visuals, textual information, database content and server calculations while maintaining a responsive and user friendly experience.

Porphyrian specializes in Microsoft (.NET, SQL), Adobe (Flash, ActionScript), HTML/CSS, JavaScript and jQuery technologies to provide robust user interaction. These programming platforms allow the development of interactive websites, browser specific HTML/ASPX/CSS pages, custom modules for Content Management Systems, custom applications, as well as widgets and apps for Mobile, Web 2.0 and Social Media use.

Porphyrian is attentive to the details in every phase of programming development. By carefully analyzing the process full-cycle from idea conception through development, testing and delivery, you can be assured of a final product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Some of the ways Porphyrian implements programming technologies:

  • Content Management Systems and custom modules (which allow site owners to perform web updates in a user friendly non-programming environment)
  • Database Management Applications
  • Lead documentation, tracking and management
  • Search Engine Analytics
  • Message Boards and Live Chat
  • Scheduling and Registration Systems
  • Virtual Tours
  • E-Commerce
  • Updating and delivery of real time data (river stages, stock quotes, weather, etc.)
  • Dynamic page generation for printing (generally in the form of .pdf documents generated from information stored in a database)

The flexibility and customization, achievable with these various technologies, allows Porphyrian to develop and adapt your website or application to your business's needs and more importantly its changing needs.